Balaji Bag Manufacturers has been one of the oldest and biggest bag manufacturers in Bengaluru. BBM prides itself on selling great quality bags for the most reasonable price possible. The directors have been in the trade for 20 years, previously catering to various fashion labels, corporates and healthcare requirements. The company has one factory in Ramanagara, near Bengaluru. The factory is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Achieving and maintaining an above-average return on investment for shareholders measured in terms of return on equity, earnings per share, revenue growth, & operating profit. Maintaining or achieving the number one or two position in addressed market segments in terms of market share, customer satisfaction, revenue generation, product margin, product & technology leadership. Treating the workforce and all employees with respect and rewarding both group and individual performances that exceed commitment & expectations. Being a good Corporate citizen in the local and national locations where the company produces, sells and services its products.

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Design That Meets Productivity

One of the biggest challenges in today’s times for the customers is the gap between design and productivity efficiency. More often than not the vendors from our industry are unable to provide solutions, which meet the design expectations of the customers and in turn, most customers, having limited experience of how a factory functions, are caught in a blind spot in ensuring that their design teams come up with production friendly solutions. One of the most critical offering from our side is to be that bridge. More than two decades of cost engineering exercises and working with various design teams across a broad range of customers, puts us on the driver seat to provide optimal solutions.


We Believe in Creating Value for your Business

Factory with Built-In Infrastructure

At the BBM factory, we have around 200 machines and around 350 employees. We can proudly say that the key USP of this company is the 50 and above years of industry experience shared by the two most senior people in our company, making them not less than stalwarts of the bag industry in India. And also given the fact that, in the course of the company’s 26 year old history, it has seen its share of ups and downs. The learnings from these is incorporated a lot in the strategic decision making of the business. We take immense pride on our diversity when it comes to the range of products we have manufactured and can manufacture. In its history the company has manufactured anything from backpacks, laptop bags, delivery bags and food delivery bags to wallets, caps, and canvas belts.

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25+ Years in Bag Manufacturing